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There are incalculable sites, some are superior to anything the others while some are as yet battling. The inquiry is that how would we become more acquainted with that which site is doing admirably, having an unmistakably strong notoriety. Presently you should be feeling that there must be some kind of criteria for judging that and you are surely right. Domain Authority or DA is that factual measure which is utilized to discover the notoriety of a specific site which is given by SEOmoz or otherwise called Moz. It is a factual number from 0 – 100 which was produced by Moz.

How to Increase Domain Authority 

This metric measures, as the name says, the authority of the domain of the website in a generic way taking into account all the internal pages that are inside. Unlike PageRank, the Domain of authority measures from 0 to 100, the higher the ranking, the greater the positioning and level of relevance and influence of the content on the Internet.

The most important variables that Moz has to determine the authority of the domain, the number of links that point to that website and who links them and who are behind that domain (newspapers, government institutions, universities, and associations have a high DA).

The value is calculated especially through the links (internal and external) that a domain receives. MOZ has several factors that are used to determine the DA, among others:

MozRank: It's similar to Google PageRank. With MozRank, external and internal links influence. The idea is that with each link a page receives a vote. Receiving a link from a page that receives many votes is worth more than receiving a link from a page that only receives few votes.

MozTrust: The quality of the sites where the links come from. Certain sites, such as universities or government sites, are considered high-quality sites. The "distance" between a high-quality site (A) and another site (B) is also counted. The best thing - from the point of view of MozTrust - is if B is directly linked to A. But if between A and B there are other sites (say A has a link to a third site C and C to B) the distance is increased and the confidence factor is decreased.

Link Profile: How many links are "dofollow" or "nofollow", links of pages thematically related to the linked page, anchor text, etc.

Moz does not say more about the other factors, only that in total they are more than 40. However, MozRank, MozTrust, and the Link Profile seem to be the most important factors.

Google and Domain Authority

Google said several times that in its algorithm there is no value (or a ranking factor) for "domain authority". This can mean all or nothing. Maybe the factor is not called "domain authority" but has another name. Maybe Google uses all the values ​​that are included in the DA as ranking factors without first joining them to a single factor.

What we do know is; Moz is not Google. Finally, nobody knows what Google is doing. In any case, Google has a database of websites and backlinks much larger than Moz. To review it you can see how many backlinks to your site come up in Search Console and how many are in the Open Site Explorer.